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Calm Within Chaos

This is an amethyst quartz crystal, wire wrapped with square sterling silver wire, and heavily polished to blend and smooth out the edges. It is then patinaed and polished again to

bring out the spiral flowing up and around the top and down to the lower point. This is made with multiple pieces of wire leftover from other projects spun together to appear as one.

The amethyst crystal consists of bands of purple going into white and clear and back to purple. There are several speckles of a rusty colored iron interspersed here and there though

the band of white. I purchased the crystal from a vendor at a flea market in Pennsylvania who told me that it was found in that state.

This pendant is 2 inches (5.4 cm) long and 5/8 inches (1.4 cm) at it’s widest across.

The calming color of the amethyst amidst the winding swirling sterling wire reminds me of the eye in the center of the storm or Calm Within Chaos.

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